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Baseball bat

Fragmentation explosive.

Fragmentation explosive.


Fragmentation explosives are by and large straightforward and viable. They are generally utilized all through the Commonwealth.


Shrewd Fragmentation grenade

Fragmentation explosive MIRV


Practically every sort of foe can utilize these projectiles, for example, thieves, super mutants and Gunners. They are all the more effectively discovered mid-diversion or on mid to larger amount foes (level 10 and past).

They are arbitrarily produced as plunder in some ammunition boxes, however predominantly in explosives cartons.

There are a couple of projectiles situated on a rack in the arsenal of the Castle.

Three can be found on the ground in Gladys' room, Sandy Coves Convalescent Home.

Two can be found in the junk can by the scaffold driving out of Sanctuary Hills.

Five around the Castle.

Five in the Yangtze.

Four around the Hub 360.

Four around the Boston Police proportioning site.

Four in the Poseidon Energy's upper levels.

The discontinuity explosive MIRV is a weapon discovered just in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

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Fracture projectile MIRVs are hazardous explosives that explode into a few different projectiles. Notwithstanding the recorded harm of 1, every bomblet appears to explode as though it were its own projectile, making it an overwhelming weapon.

Types: Fragmentation explosive

Gametitle-FO4 NW Smart Fragmentation explosive.

One can be found on each of the three posse supervisors in Nuka-World:

Mags Black of the Operators

Bricklayer of The Pack

Nisha of the Disciples.


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