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Baseball bat

Baseball bat

This is a long, smooth wooden bat, normally made of fiery debris, for use in the game of baseball. Under MLB directions, a play club can't surpass 2.61 crawls in breadth at the largest point, can be no longer than 42 inches, and should be a solitary strong piece. Bats found in the Commonwealth have a base weight of three pounds, moving toward the heaviness of bats utilized as a part of the mid twentieth century by players like Babe Ruth.

The Fallout 4 Nuka-World extra includes new alterations for the slugger to the amusement.


2076  World Series slugging stick - A one of a kind polished ash found in Jamaica Plain which can send targets flying in reverse.


A polished ash with an oak body and the enhancement of having a little opportunity to send targets flying. Like the polished ash, it is a moderate swinging weapon, swung in a great baseball swing and a descending swing over the shoulder.

Swatter - Slightly more grounded than normal homerun sticks, they are sold by Moe Cronin.

Rockville Slugger - A one of a kind polished ash, likewise sold by Moe Cronin.

Fencebuster Gametitle-FO4 FH - A one of a kind polished ash with an entering incredible impact, found amid the mission Brain Dead.

Cito's Shiny Slugger Gametitle-FO4 NW - a one of a kind polished ash with the Relentless incredible impact.


Within the primary house when you enter Concord from the north, in the corner behind the passageway entryway.

Sold by Moe Cronin in Diamond City.

On a rack by the front entryway of Back Street Apparel.

From the cadaver of Darla.

The ball court inside Boston mayoral haven.

Usually conveyed by the Forged and Triggermen.

One is situated behind the counter on a rack inside Gibson Point wharf's Drumlin Diner.

In the underground fortification by the little shack found by following the Raider radio flag.

Three in the D.B. Specialized High School.

Three in Vault 75.

Three in Hubris Comics.

One can be found in Wildwood Cemetery.

One can be found in Rocky Narrows Park.

One can be found in Corvega get together plant.

One in the cabin in the North End.

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